Saturday, May 21, 2011

Review: Knifepoint by Alex Van Tol


Jill is enduring a brutal summer job on a mountain ranch, guiding wannabe-cowboys on trail rides. On a solo ride with a handsome stranger she ends up in a fight for her life with no one to help her.


One of many in the "Orca Soundings" Series.  It's not so much of a series as it is a collection of books by various authors that are quick, interesting, and interesting reads.  Out of the few I've read so far this has been my favorite.  While it was less than 150 pages, it had such a fast-moving pace and great description that I felt it was even shorter than that.  It was amazing.

You follow Jill through her last day at a summer job as it goes from bad to worse.  By the end of it you are as out of breath as she is.


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