Friday, March 7, 2014

Comic books [Part 1]

Usually I avoid talking about my love of comic books (and manga in the past) because people are like Nerd Alert!  But I'm breaking my silence!  I am a comic book lover, I go to comic-cons, I watch the movies.  And I have a need, a mighty need, to share my love.

I'm going to break this post up into a series of four posts.  Because if I didn't this post would be so long I would loose you all pretty quickly with my nerd ramblings.  Also, disregarding manga for the sake of this post series and focusing on American comic books (mostly Marvel).  If anyone wants a post about manga, let me know!

Now, I'll map out the posts:

[1] My descent into the world

[2] Comic books I read

[3] The Marvel movies

[4] Characters and actors

I know it's a book blog, but I can't do this series without the movies and the actors.

My Descent:

How I got into The Marvel Universe:  my good friend (bad financial influence) Lita.  She convinced me to watch Thor, then The Avengers, and I've been hooked ever since.  The funny thing is that my descent into the world only took a month before I was going to my first comic-con.  For the con she made an amazing Lady Loki costume while I made a half-assed Captain America one.  It was an epic day.

It began with a basic love for the movies, but I leaped into the con with vigor and bought a handful of old comics which I quickly fell in love with.  I quickly realized how far the avengers/marvel universe reached and realized that The Walking Dead was also involved in comics and cosplay.  I have been a fan of The Walking Dead since season 2-ish.

Anyway, it was a quick descent, like I said.  I went from not watching action movies that weren't horror or cop related to re-watching Iron Man 6 times and The Avengers about 15 times in two months.  Since then I have collected about 20 comics and I'm planning my costume for my next con in April.

So my current favorite comic:

Black Widow
(I'm also going to try to cosplay her in the next con)

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