Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review: How I Made It to Eighteen by Tracy White


How do you know if you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown? For seventeen-year-old Stacy Black, it all begins with the smashing of a window. After putting her fist through the glass, she checks into a mental hospital. Stacy hates it there but despite herself slowly realizes she has to face the reasons for her depression to stop from self-destructing. Based on the author’s experiences, How I Made it to Eighteen is a frank portrait of what it’s like to struggle with self-esteem, body image issues, drug addiction, and anxiety.


It is a comic book essentially.  The comics are all black and white, but it doesn't feel like you're reading a comic, it feels like a regular fiction book.  Her humor is great and the pictures are simple and effective.  The story takes us through her stay at a mental hospital that was very recent as it is a brand new book.  I would recommend this for virtually anyone, it is a great, quick read.


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