Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: Pale

Title:  Pale
Author:  Chris Wooding
Rating: 3.5/5


The Lazarus Serum can bring you back from the dead - but when you come back you've changed - you're a Pale, an outcast. It's the last thing Jed wants, but an accident changes everything and Jed's forced to discover the true cost of living forever.


I'm not going to say this book was bad.  The premise was interesting and the size really caught my eye (it's about 70 pages long).  It was short though, too short to be it's own standalone published book.  I would have liked to see this in a collection, or continued.

There was your basic story line, a climax, a conclusion, but at the end I didn't feel satisfied.  I was mad that the author just left it where it was.

It seems like such an intriguing issue; Jed's whole life has changed.  Yet in less than 100 pages he has lost his old life, adapted a new one and seems entirely content.  It's just not enough.

Recommended to those who like sci-fi and just want a quick read that makes them think to a degree, but not too much.

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