Sunday, July 21, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 8

Day 8!

Sorry I missed a few days!  I've been so busy and only did so many blog posts ahead of time (they ran out with the last one).  So here's day 8, even though it hasn't been done in an actual 15 day time span.

Quick! Write 15 bullet points of things that appeal to you on blogs!

  1. Not too cluttered.  Like have things going on, but not so much that I don't know where to look first.
  2. Colorfulness!  I love colors when used wisely (i.e. I like dark blogs that have splashes of color where it matters, and bright happy things).
  3. Actual substance to posts.
  4. If it's an opinion blog, then an actual well-thought-out opinion (not just a rant).
  5. Posts that aren't over 1,000 or more words long.
  6. A title that makes sense to the post (actually tells you what you're blogging about).
  7. A catchy/insightful name/tagline.
  8. Ummm... I'm running out of things (I'm really not that picky).  How about something I actually like! I won't read the blog if it's about something I don't know about (obviously).
  9. Easy navigation.
  10. Something about the author is always nice (like a side bar, or little page, just something to let us know who you are and make things more interesting).
  11. Useful tags (if they're not useful, don't bother putting them in there I think).
  12. More than one kind of media (not all words, have some pictures or media in there to break it up).
  13. Update at least semi-regularly (I'm not exactly a poster child for that).
  14. No ranting.
  15. Have a heart to it!  If you don't like what you're blogging about and don't put in any effort then what's the point?
Tune in hopefully tomorrow to read for day 9!

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