Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wow It's Been a Long Time!

It's been more than six months since my last post!  I can't believe how long I have let this blog go unchecked.  Want to hear my excuses?  No?  Too bad!

School!  Seriously, I'm one semester away from graduating now (with my final degree) and school has a habit of kicking my ass.  Over the summer I had a very intense internship along with another job so that was funtastic.  My semester started up again this week and my life is in relative chaos, so I decided to try to do this again!

The good news is that in my time off I have read A LOT of books.  Finished my reading goal from last year and am well into the one for this year.  So look forward to new reviews!

I also have a lot of updating (formatting-wise) to do with this blog since most of the things on the sides are out of date now.  Never fear, I shall replace the ones I can and find new fun things for ones I can't.

The plan is to have a new review up by Saturday night.  Sound good to you people?

For now, here is a picture of adorable Avengers:

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