Sunday, March 6, 2016

Blind Date With A Book

Blind Date!

I've seen the concept of a blind date with a book across the internet for a while now, but until now none of the libraries in my local system did it, until now!

A blind date with a book is when the library wraps up books and gives you either a brief description or a picture of some sort on the front to give you an indication of the themes of the book.  You check them out and try not to look at the titles on your receipt until you get home and can unwrap them.  It's  like a Christmas present to yourself that doesn't cost you anything.  

In my trek to my local library today I found a table of them!  Here are the two I selected, wrapped and then unwrapped when I got home:


The clues for this book was a mystery guy emoji, and elephant, and two chemistry vials.  The deciding factor for me was the elephant!  Turns out it was a book I've been meaning to read:


The clues for my second pic were two emojis, a sick face and a winky face.  The deciding factor for me was actually the random space picture on the newspaper they chose to wrap it in.  This book I've never heard of and turned out to be:

So I shall read both of these books (along with the nine other I borrowed today) and let you guys know the results of my blind dates!

Has anyone else ever done a blind date with a book?

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