Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Scavenger Hunt Book Tag

Hey all!  Today I found a fun new thing that has been circulating through the book blogger universe.  I originally found it on Always Me, after that I followed it back to Book Coma, then to Wonderless Reviews, then back to Ravenclaw Book Club, and finally to All The Stories Are True.  My search stopped at the last one because it then led me to a blog that wasn't in English.  So moral of this, I have no idea who started this scavenger hunt, but I'm continuing it!

Before we begin, I tag Little Bookworm Reviews to continue the chain!

Rules are simple, find the books on your personal shelves that match the criteria.  Post pictures of the books themselves (preferably over a goodreads picture) so that we know you really own it!  Now let the games begin!

1.  Find a book with the letter "z" in its title or the author's name

Six Graves to Munic by Mario Puzo
2.  Find me a classic

Good old Dracula!

3.  Find the oldest book on your shelves

1929 copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

4.  Find a book with a key on its cover

Love this series!

5.  Find something that isn't a book on your shelves

Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

6.  Find a book with an animal on the cover

Teeny-Tiny Elephant!

7.  Find a book with a girl on its cover

I LOVE this book!

8.  Find a non-YA book

Woo-Hoo Walking Dead!!!

9.  Find a book with stars on its cover

You can mostly see the moon, but the stars are the little dots

10.  Find a book with golden letters

Yay gold!

I liked doing this challenge!  Pick it up if you want to do it.

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  1. I love this tag. <3 The covers for The Land of Stories and The Elephant Vanishes are beautiful!