Sunday, July 28, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 11

Day 11:

Show off 5 of your best blog posts!

Okay, I haven't been at this that long, but I can probably pick out a few that I'm proud of:

  1. Review: The Program
    • I'm proud of this because I put a lot of thought and feeling into the review portion, more than I usually do I think
  2. Cover Collage
    • Because I really love the look of all those covers!
  3. Review: Freak of Nature
    • Didn't love the book, but I like how I decided to break down the review
  4. Cover Love
    • I like that I didn't just give the covers, titles, and authors, but said what I liked
  5. Author Profile: Karen Kingsbury
    • I think I just like this because I love her
Tune in "tomorrow" for the next one.  We're almost done with the challenge! (Which is good because clearly I'm getting steadily worse at keeping up with posts).

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